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Allied Emergency Services will restore your loss.

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We Work With Insurance Companies to Get You Covered!

When the storm breaks, Allied Emergency Services works with home and business owners to make sure that your loss gets restored.

We help you recover from damage caused by hail, high winds, and storms. Schedule a FREE INSPECTION to see if your property has sustained storm damage.

Our Services

We are storm damage specialists with a focus on exterior restoration.


Hail and high winds can wreck havoc on your roof. Your new roof replacement starts with our FREE no-obligation roof inspection.


Siding damage is routinely overlooked by adjusters and inspectors. We will find any damage present on your siding and see that your building gets restored to its original condition.


Broken glass is easy to spot, but how about broken seals, dented frames and window wrappings? Our trained specialists will locate any storm damage that your windows may have suffered and get it repaired.


Gutters are often damaged by falling trees or hail, but may be hard to see. We will identify any such damage and make sure that your loss is fully restored.

We Work WITH Insurance Companies

Storm damage? Hail damage? Wind damage? We've got you covered!


Signs of Storm Damage

Schedule an appointment with us today if you see any of these signs.


Hail can damage your roof and crack the shingle allowing water to infiltrate your structure over time. Our experts can assist you to determine the scope of damage to your property. If you have hail damage, we can assist you in documenting and repairing your loss. Schedule a FREE INSPECTION NOW!

Missing Shingles

High winds can cause shingles to blow off the deck. Missing shingles can lead to roof leaks, interior damage and mold. Some wind damage may not be visible from ground. If the adhesive seal that provides a water-shedding surface is broken it can only be detected by lifting the shingle. Contact us today!

Falling Debris

Storms can cause tree braches and other falling debris to land on your roof. The debris may no longer be on your roof or property, but the damage remains. If you have damage from debris on your roof, you will need to file an insurance claim. We can help you.

What Does an Inspection Look Like?

You contact us. We dispatch our specialist. They will inspect your property.

Our restoration specialist will perform a FREE no obligation inspection to determine if your property has sustained any damage. If damage is found we will consult with you at no cost the necessary and appropriate methods of repair

We are your expert to help you determine if you have storm damage. Our team will guide you through that process. We will fix ANY STORM DAMAGE TO YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS.

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