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Protect your property. Restore your investment.

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Same Day Inspection

Property inspection and initial assessment of the damage immediately after a storm with consultation and emergency service if needed.

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The First Step in Recovery When Disaster Strikes

Our storm damage specialist will perform a FREE no obligation inspection to determine if your property has sustained any damage.
Visible damage will be documented and photographed. If damage is found we will consult with you at no cost the necessary and appropriate methods of repair

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The Storm Damage

This quick, high quality video goes over our storm damage inspection.

Protect your property. Restore your Investment.

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We contacted them. They dispatched a specialist. Our property was restored.

Waiting for unseen damages to surface years later? Locating unseen wind, hail and storm damage immediately is necessary to protect your property from loss of value.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a storm damage inspection cost?

Our initial storm damage inspection and consultation is a free no obligation inspection designed to assess the damage sustained to your property and to ensure that no
additional damages surface in the future.

What does the storm damage inspection include?

During the storm damage inspection our property restoration specialist will inspect the exterior systems of the building such as the roof, windows, siding and gutters for evidence of storm damage. If damage is identified we will document and photograph the damage.

Why do I need a storm damage inspection?

Storm damage often goes unnoticed until its too late causing additional damage such as interior water damage and mold. Inspecting your property after a storm prevents further damage and protects your investment from loss of value.

When should I get a storm damage inspection?

The best time for an inspection is immediately following the storm. If you suspect that you have sustained damage or need emergency service do not wait, call us at (800) 792-0212 immediately .


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