Board-up Service

Protect your property and secure your loss from further damage.
24/7 Emergency & Temporary Board-Up Service

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Emergency Board-Up Services

The First Step In Recovery When Disaster Strikes

Structure Fire Board-Up

Local technicians dispatched within 1 hour to secure your fire loss and help you begin the restoration process.

Glass Window Board-Up

Securing broken window glass from storm damage, theft and vandalism to secure your building and prevent injury until repair is complete.

Vacant Property Board-Up

Residential & commercial vacant property board-up service and maintenance.

The First Step in Recovery

This quick, high quality video goes over our board-up service.

Secure your Property. Protect your Investment.

Securing your loss from further damage

Fast dependable board-up service from local technicians you can trust.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a board-up service?

If the integrity of your building has been compromised, board-up service will secure your building from further damage, prevent unauthorized access, and manage risk of injury.

How much does a board-up service cost?

The cost will be dependent on the number and size of openings being boarded-up. In many instances we can bill your insurance company directly for the service.

Do you warranty your board-up service?

Board-up service is a temporary service and is guaranteed to stay secure for 30 days after installation.

What other board-up service options do I have?

We provide structural stabilizing, temporary fencing, generator services & temporary power, emergency lighting and more.


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