Cedar Roof Installation

Quality American cedar shake and shingles installed for a clean natural wood roof

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Turn your cedar roof project into a success story

American cedar roofs installed at afordable price

Cedar Shake

Cedar shakes are hand split on just one side, while the other side is sawn. This technique gives the surface a rougher, more rustic appearance.

Cedar Shingle

Cedar shingles are machine cut on both sides, providing a more refined, uniform appearance compared to cedar shake.

Transforming your wood roof into a masterpiece

American Western Red Cedar and other wood

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my cedar roof take to install?

Every cedar roofing project is different, but we can give an estimate with more details during the free inspection.

Can I stain my wood roof?

Pre-staining in the color of your choice is available. We can even stain individual shakes different colors for a unique appearance unlike any other roof.

Do I have any options for my new cedar roof?

After the free inspection we will provide you with available options and prices.

How long will my wood roof last?

A shake roof will usually outlast a shingle. Treated wood shingles can last up to 30 years.


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