Composite Roof Installation

Composite roof shingles, shakes, and tiles are attractive and affordable alternatives to traditional material

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Turn your composite roof project into a success story

Install an environmentally friendly synthetic slate roof for a fraction of the cost of traditional slate

Composite Slate Tile

Composite or synthetic slate delivers the appearance of a natural slate roof while offering lightweight, low-cost, durability and cutting edge, environmentally conscious material. With up to 14 different color choices composite slate roofs are always breathtaking for a fraction of the cost of traditional slate roofs.

Composite Cedar Shake & Shingles

Composite synthetic cedar shake and shingles deliver the appearance, natural beauty and rustic split textures of traditional cedar roofs at around a similar cost while offering durability and environmentally conscious material.

Synthetic Slate & Cedar

This quick, high quality video goes over composite roofing.

Synthetic slate and cedar. Built to last a lifetime.

Transforming your roof into a masterpiece

Premium aesthetics and performance that asphalt shingles can only dream about

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Quality Synthetic Slate & Cedar Made in the U.S.A.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a new composite roof replacement cost?

Every roofing project is different, but you can expect estimates around 50% higher than for cedar shingles and shakes. The average cost is 2-3 times higher than average asphalt shingle costs.

What colors can I choose for my composite roof?

Composite roofing manufacturers offer a wide range of color options to choose from allowing for a modern appearance with a traditional look.

Do I get a warranty with my new composite roof?

Our workmanship warranty is 10 years on steep roofing systems. Manufacturer's warranty will depend on the product installed. Many manufacture's offer 50 year warranty on their composite roofing materials.

Is composite roofing impact resistant?

Most synthetic shakes, shingles and tiles have a Class 4 impact-resistant rating and Class A or C fire. These are the highest ratings in the industry.


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