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Frequently Asked Questions

Is patching asphalt shingle roofs allowed in Joliet, IL according to the city's ordinance?

No, patching roofs is not allowed in Joliet, IL according to the city's ordinance. The ordinance states that patching roofs is not covered as it is not permitted. Patching is defined as any number of shingle replacements on a given slope of the roof. The city will only permit full slope replacements and will not permit any "patching of shingles" for any given slope on a roof.

What materials are allowed to be "patched" in Joliet, IL according to the city's ordinance?

According to the ordinance, the only materials allowed to be "patched" in Joliet, IL are slate, clay, or cement tiles. These materials can be reinstalled after being removed and any damaged or broken tiles are discarded. New tiles must be integrated with old tiles to give the entire roof a uniform appearance. However, while allowed, it still may not be lawfull

What are the requirements for roof repairs in Joliet, IL according to the city's ordinance?

Roof repairs in Joliet, IL must be permitted by the city and must comply with the city's ordinance. The work must also comply with the provisions of the Building Code, specifically the 2015 International Building Code. Any roof work must use materials that are compatible with the roof and must conform to all applicable standards. The materials must also be delivered in packages bearing the manufacturer's identification and approved testing agency labels. If the existing roof is water soaked, deteriorated, or does not have an adequate base for recovering, or if the roof has two or more coverings, roof recovering with new materials is not allowed. Solid sheathing is required and underlayment must be of an approved type. Ice and water shield must be properly installed along all eave edges and in all valleys..

Is it required to obtain a permit for roofing work in Joliet, IL?

Yes, it is required to obtain a permit for roofing work in Joliet, IL. According to the city's ordinance, any and all roof work must be permitted by the City of Joliet and must comply with the attached ordinance. The ordinance is enforced by the City of Joliet Building Department, and permit applications that include a scope of work that violates the ordinance will not be issued a permit. It is important to obtain a permit before starting any roofing work in Joliet, as it ensures that the work will be inspected and meets all necessary code requirements.


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